Alternate Energy Inc.

803 Ahua Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96819


(808) 843-5853

Answering our state’s increasing demand for multi-faceted, well-integrated energy options, Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI) is Hawaii’s one-stop source for the ultimate energy efficient home or business. The renowned solar company provides a full range of products and services for the best in comfort, efficiency and savings.

One call to AEI puts the finest Solar Photovoltaic (PV), Air Conditioning, Solar Water Heating, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, Solar Attic Fans and Electrical Contracting to work for you. Choose from a menu of services, or combine them all.

Most people know AEI specializes in top quality SOLAR PV installations, featuring high-efficiency Mitsubishi Electric panels. They handle system design, installation, permitting and Net Metering paperwork, and offer generous warranties and excellent customer service.

In recent years, AEI’s HVAC DIVISION has gained a huge following. Highly qualified journeyman and apprentice technician teams design, install and maintain the latest Mitsubishi heating/cooling systems, the gold standard in HVAC.

A truly energy efficient structure starts with SOLAR WATER HEATING, and AEI has long been a leader in this most “basic” of solar services. SOLAR ATTIC FANS from AEI are another time-honored tool for saving energy. AEI recommends installing them before investing in AC or PV, as this can greatly reduce the number of solar panels or air conditioning muscle a home needs.

EV CHARGING has become another AEI specialty. You can fuel up your vehicle overnight while you sleep, or offer EV charging at your place of business to keep customers and employees happy.

Lastly, as more homes and businesses are generating their own electricity from the sun, qualified ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING from folks who know PV is critical. At AEI, all installations are done by their in-house team of licensed electricians, not sub-contractors.

See why AEI is Hawaii’s favorite kamaaina energy efficiency contractor. Call 842-5853 or visit

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